The Garden Design Company Scotland

Gift Vouchers

The Garden Design Company has gift vouchers available for all services, starting with a two-hour consultation.

If you want to give someone an imaginative present, why not choose a gift voucher so they can select whatever they want from our services.
  • The voucher is personalised from you to the recipient
  • It's delivered to their door
  • They can look at the website and choose what they would like to use it for and then contact me directly.

Please note that vouchers are only valid for one year from the date of delivery.

Creative Ideas – A Two-hour Consultation

Creative Ideas is a two-hour consultation, the purpose of which is to explore any aspect of the site/garden. It can be used to look at specifics such as privacy issues, planting problems, developing an overview/conceptual design for the garden or whatever you need.

Clearly, there is a limit to what can be achieved in two hours, so if you have a particularly large plot/garden then this will require additional time.

As the name suggests, this is consultation time used to provide ideas and should not be confused with a detailed design but could be used to form the basis of a detailed design where we develop the ‘brief’

So, what does 'Creative Ideas' do for you?

To make the most of our time together, we require a drawing of the site to a scale that we can work from, which plots the house, boundaries etc.  If you do not already possess such a drawing, I can obtain one from a mapping company prior to our meeting (this cost would be additional and would be agreed with you prior to our consultation).  I would require 7 days notice prior to our consultation date, to obtain the drawing, should it be necessary and your postcode.  You can of course, provide an outline drawing of the area yourself, providing it is drawn to metric scale, such as 1cm = 1mtr or 1cm = 2mtrs.

If you prefer to ask me to provide this for you please discuss this with me prior to my visit so we can establish any additional time/costs.

This is typically what we would aim to achieve during this session, unless you have specified otherwise.

General survey of the site :

  1. Allows us to develop the aims and objectives for the session
  2. Produce an overview/basic conceptual design
  3. Explore detail such as materials/suppliers etc for you the client to investigate further.
  4. Providing there is sufficient time, we can work on planting suggestions.  However a detailed planting plan would not be possible unless you have requested that the two hour session be used specifically and solely for this purpose.

Should you wish to continue the design process onto the next phase we would develop an outline drawing (ink drawing to scale plus relevant annotation) following creative ideas

Where you require additional time, this can be arranged on a pro-rata basis by prior arrangement or should you decide that you wish to move to a detailed design, build, planting etc., then a specific price can be provided.

Please note that travel is charged for outwith a 10 mile radius of Aberdeen city centre at 
50 pence per mile

VAT at the current rate applies to all fees and costs.

For more information or to order a gift voucher, please e-mail me.