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About Kirsty McLean

Based in Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland, I am an award winning garden designer (Dynamic Places Awards 2004) and guest designer for Beechgrove Garden, BBC Scotland’s longest running gardening programme of 37 years, which I joined in 2001.

I have been designing and developing gardens of all shapes and sizes since 2000, working closely with a diverse client base which has included, Private clients, Community projects for all abilities and Commercial clients – all very different where no two projects are the same.

I employ a very personal, client-centred approach and will work with you closely to support and guide you through every step of the process whether you are simply re-vamping a border, which requires a planting design and plant supply or undertaking a full, detailed design and build.

By listening carefully to my clients and taking the time to understand their requirements, I can ensure that each and every garden design is unique, reflecting specific needs and desires. 

There are clients I have worked with year on year, gradually designing and building another little bit of the garden and there are clients who I have already designed a garden for and they come back to me when they move  home and we’ve started the process all over again!  I would say that most new clients have been recommended to come to me by an existing client but however they arrive at my door, all of these people are unique and I treat them so.

It is a special relationship that develops between client and designer and for it to work it has to be based on mutual respect.  I feel privileged to be accepted into my clients’ home and to have the opportunity to work with them so closely.  Sometimes, it’s challenging as everyone has differing abilities to visualise and take on board a concept, but when they do grasp it and connect with it, it really is a great feeling – for both of us!


Kirsty McLean

BBC Scotland - Beechgrove Garden

For the last 14 years Kirsty has worked as guest designer every year for BBC Scotland's longest running gardening programme, Beechgrove Garden.

In her role as guest designer, Kirsty is responsible for creating an achievable design and managing it through to completion within a schedule, ensuring that the project is ready for filming for specific dates, over a three day period - no mean feat!Beechgrove Garden presenters


As part of this role, Kirsty has travelled all over the North of Scotland and is also required to participate in media coverage leading up to filming and to appear on camera during the programme to present the design and planting with the presenters.

Kirsty says, "I feel the same now as I did when I first started appearing on the Beechgrove Garden programme. I couldn't believe how easy the presenters were to get on with and how much they contribute to each and every project - it really is a team effort, and Jim McColl, Carole Baxter, George Anderson and the more recent addition to the team, guest presenter, Chris Beardshaw, really do make it as easy as it looks on screen.


What you don't see on film are the team of researchers, gardeners (of course everyone is a gardener but I'm talking about the ones in the Beechgrove Garden!), producers, directors, runners, camera, sound and editing personnel who work tirelessly to meet an impossible schedule every week to produce a programme for you. It's truly amazing when you see it in real time."

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