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I believe it is really important that you, the client, should be able to access what you need out of the design process as you require it.  To facilitate this, we have organised how we work in such a way as to allow you to use all the services in a modular fashion, gluing them together to fit your needs. 
Alternatively, for those who want to be guided from the initial consultation through to completion of the garden then you can work together with Kirsty to do exactly that.

Creative Ideas/On Site consultation

Very often a client will choose to start off with "Creative Ideas", which is a two-hour onsite consultation for which there is a set fee. This can be used to develop a basic conceptual design for a small or medium sized garden or provide advice or basic solutions on any topic, such as privacy issues, planting suggestions for borders in shady areas, hot sunny slopes etc, specific areas of the garden that need a face lift – it could be anything. 

Larger gardens may require a little more time, which can be bought pro-rata as required. If you have never been through the design process before, this is an ideal introduction.  The outcome of the consultation is assessed at the end of the two-hour period and the need to take any aspect further is examined with the Client and a way forward decided.  This method of working means that the client is in complete control throughout and can stop the process at whatever point they wish - providing maximum flexibility.

As the name suggests, this is consultation time used to provide ideas and should not be confused with a detailed design but could be used to form the basis of a detailed design where we develop the "brief".

NB: All travel outwith a 10 mile radius of Aberdeen city centre will be charged at 40p per mile.

Outline Drawing

As a continuation from Creative Ideas, you may require a drawing to support the ideas that have been discussed during the two-hour session, or to be used as the basis for a more detailed drawing, should you wish to continue onto a detailed design.

This drawing (usually A4 or A3) is a top plan and drawn by hand to scale. The scale is indicated on the drawing. The outline drawing is annotated or if there is too much detail this may be related to you by a supporting text document.

Where appropriate, a simple 3D sketch may be included and/or other information (photos, book references, plant suggestions, etc) as the designer sees fit.

There is a set fee for the above.

Detailed Design

Kirsty will work with you from initial consultation and site analysis through conceptual/outline sketch to detailed drawing. You will also be guided through the process of tender and contract award, should you require this.

This begins with a two-hour consultation for which there is a set fee. During this consultation we work together to assess the site, explore your requirements and find out what design style and details are suitable for your garden. Kirsty will bring along books, photographs, etc for you to look through and help you decide the things you really like and want in your garden and the things you don't like and don't want in your garden.

There will be an assessment at the end of the session at which point you can decide whether you would still like to continue with a full and detailed design. Kirsty will then confirm a price to you in writing, accompanied by the detailed brief for the design. Should you wish to end the process here, then the fee for the two-hour consultation will be invoiced.

This process of working together from concept to finalising the detail of the design can take a number of months to complete, so please allow for this.

Once the design has been finalised and agreed, you may not have a preferred builder to build the garden. If this is the case Kirsty can work closely with her preferred builder to achieve this on your behalf. 

After introducing you to each other Kirsty would start the process by meeting with the builder onsite where she will walk their project manager through the design in detail and will provide him with a copy of the design and associated detail against which to provide a quote.

On receipt of a written quote, Kirsty can review the detail and forward to the client for review.  Upon agreement, a start date will be finalised.

The contract to build the garden is directly between the builder and the Client, however the client may engage Kirsty to provide design support throughout the life of the build to ensure the integrity of the design is retained.

Kirsty will then agree to provide a number of site visits, phone calls, etc, The cost of this service will be agreed with the client and confirmed in writing.

NB: All travel outwith a 10 mile radius of Aberdeen city centre will be charged at 40p per mile.

Planting Design and Plant Supply

A planting design/plan can be created for a small border or an entire garden/landscape, depending on what your needs are.

Kirsty will meet with you to assess what is required and to obtain important base information. This is a two-hour consultation for which there is a set fee.

Once this initial consultation has been completed, a price will be provided for completion of the design. Should the client not wish to proceed past this point, then the fee for the two-hour consultation will be invoiced.

The detailed content of the planting plan will be agreed with the client according to their plant knowledge and understanding or preferred method of working.  Typically, it would include such detail as plant species, density, position and spacing.   In addition a schedule or ‘shopping list’ of all the plants required will be provided, to simplify ordering.

Should you wish Kirsty to supply the plants then the plant schedule would be distributed  to suppliers for availability and pricing.  This information is then returned to Kirsty for her to prepare a spreadsheet for presentation to you.

Upon approval, the plants required can be provided to you including any compost, tree stakes, ties, rabbit guards, bark etc that are needed and if you so wish the plants can be positioned in the garden by Kirsty, for you as per the plan, ready for planting at a set hourly rate.

Should you require any preparation or planting work, this can also be arranged for you.



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